QUANTRON Design Award 2024 Ceremony celebrated innovation, technology and design in the transportation sector

QUANTRON Design Award 2024
QUANTRON Design Award 2024 1st Place Winner, Siddhartha Dutt CCS (College for Creative Studies), Detroit, USA

Quantron AG, specialist in sustainable passenger and freight transportation, proudly announced the successful completion of the QUANTRON Design Award 2024 during the official ceremony on March 18. The event was conducted online, allowing the participants from around the world together with the project partners to join in the celebration of the design achievements. The competition, which attracted 35 applications, representing more than 10 different countries and 20 prestigious universities and design schools, aimed to recognize and reward the work of young talented designers and design students suggesting new ideas to the transportation sector, proposing unconventional solutions with out of the box approaches.

With the goal of attracting young talents with fresh perspectives, this event served as a platform to challenge the status quo of the European transportation and logistics sector with forward-thinking yet practical ideas. After a thorough selection process, the panel selected three top winners and awarded one honourable mention award:

  • 1st Place: Siddhartha Dutt, CCS (College for Creative Studies), Detroit, USA
  • 2nd Place: Ana Alvarez Maestro, University of Navarra, Spain
  • 3rd Place: Lorenzo Benzoni, IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), Turin, Italy
  • Mention Award: George (Siu Fung Lau), IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), Turin, Italy
QUANTRON Design Award 2024
QUANTRON Design Award 2024 2nd Place Winner, Ana Alvarez Maestro University of Navarra, Spain

By unanimous vote, Siddhartha Dutt from CCS University in Detroit, USA, was chosen as the winner of the QUANTRON Design Award 2024. His design entry exhibited a comprehensive approach, effectively reflecting the full potential of the design brief through detailed visualization and extensive research and design process.

Ana Alvarez Maestro from University of Navarra in Spain, despite being among the youngest applicants, impressed the jury with her exceptional execution, proficient 3D modeling skills, and compelling visualizations, proving to be the most practical and compatible approach for the QUANTRON-as-a-Service concept.

Lorenzo Benzoni, student of IED University in Turin, Italy, showcased with his project a sophisticated approach to efficiency, seamlessly integrating aerodynamics and innovative cabin structures. Its captivating visualizations and presentations elevate the overall impact, underscoring the courage in both design and execution.

Siu Fung George Lau exhibited an exemplary problem-solving and industrial design-oriented approach, characterized by its ingenious out-of-the-box solutions. Its innovative design choices and exceptional execution make it a standout contender, worthy of recognition alongside our top three winners.

QUANTRON Design Award 2024
QUANTRON Design Award 2024 3rd Place Winner, Lorenzo Benzoni IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), Turin, Italy

The success of this international design competition highlights the importance of collaboration and the power of creativity in driving innovation within the automotive design sector.  The partners in the Design Award project Vizcom, Gravity Sketch, and Automotive Design Planet extend their congratulations to all participants.

Jordan Taylor, CEO & Co of Vizcom stated: “We were excited to partner with QUANTRON in the Design Award. As a company deeply committed to the future of design, we were both honored and excited to be part of this celebration of creativity, innovation, and excellence. Our mission has always been to empower creators with the tools they need to bring their visions to life. By sponsoring the QUANTRON Design Award, we are reaffirming our commitment to this goal. We not only got to acknowledge and appreciate the incredible talent within the design community, but also to inspire and be inspired by the groundbreaking work being done in our field.

Oluwaseyi Sosanya, CEO of Gravity Sketch stated: “Gravity Sketch was thrilled to partner with Quantron AG and Vizcom for the QUANTRON Design Award! I was consistently more impressed with the work I saw in academia than that of our industry partners. Students are leading the charge of more creative and sustainable design solutions, which both play important roles in our company mission and vision. This collaboration highlighted our shared values in creativity, innovation, and style.

QUANTRON Design Award 2024
QUANTRON Design Award 2024 Mentioned Award, George Siu Fung Lau IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), Turin, Italy

Nishant Dhakla CEO & Cofounder of Automotive Design Planet stated: “We were very glad to join as a media partner for this year’s QUANTRON Design Award. It aligned perfectly with our mission at Automotive Design Planet to celebrate innovation and creativity in the automotive design space. Working with the QUANTRON team was an absolute pleasure and It’s clear that they had put a lot of thought and effort into creating a contest that would showcase the best and brightest side of commercial automotives. ADP team congratulate all the winners of the QUANTRON Design Award, and you can read more about the winning projects on our website.

Andreas Haller, CEO & Founder of QUANTRON stated: “We were truly impressed by the caliber of the submissions we received. The level of talent and dedication demonstrated by the participants was remarkable, making the selection process extremely challenging. We are recognizing the exceptional talent and innovative ideas that emerged from this competition, these designers have demonstrated their ability to push boundaries and shape the future of the transportation design industry. This reflects our approach to changing the industry with unconventional solutions, empowered by deep understanding of technology, intelligent engineering, and innovative design.



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