Cargo e-Bike will change the face of urban mobility

As a new conference and exhibition format, the "micromobility expo" aims to promote urban micromobility.

The first “micromobility expo” starts on May 2 in Hannover (May 2nd – 4th). The new conference and exhibition format aims to promote micromobility in urban areas. As well as exhibiting new products and technologies, the concept includes open dialogue. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is present: as conference participants, at the “micromobility expo” company experts will outline their vision of micromobility of the future and at the same time present a new and innovative product for micromobility today: the production version of the Cargo e-Bike for the last mile of transport.

In the “forum” there will be discussions and presentations relating to innovations, best practice examples and possible micromobility solutions.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is promoting the use of new and zero-emission drive concepts to meet the demands of traffic systems of the future.  Before the end of the year, the manufacturer of light commercial vehicles will enter the market serving the last mile with the new Cargo e-Bike. Thomas Ludewig, Cargo e-Bike Project Manager says: “We are meeting the challenges of urban delivery traffic with innovative solutions and products – in this case the Cargo e-Bike. The aim is to change the face of urban mobility and achieve a significant reduction of emissions.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles presents new Cargo e Bike at the “micromobility expo 2019”.

The Cargo e-Bike from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is a pedelec that adds power assistance to the rider’s pedalling with its 250 watt (48V) mid-mounted motor at speeds up to 25 km/h. The advantages: the cargo bike can be used without a driver’s licence or insurance and can be used practically anywhere. The energy for the electric motor is supplied by a lithium-ion battery (energy capacity: 500 Wh). The bike’s range is up to 100 kilometres. The innovative kinematics of the front axle ensure that the goods being transported on the load platform  do not tilt with the cargo bike when cornering, rather they remain horizontal and thereby stable. This tilt-levelling technology is an innovation in the segment of cargo bikes. The Cargo e-Bike will be produced at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Hannover plant and the Start of Production (SOP) is imminent.

In addition, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will actively participate in the conference being held parallel to the vehicle exhibition. In the “forum” there will be discussions and presentations relating to innovations,  best practice examples and possible micromobility solutions. The networking area adjoining the forum will subsequently offer opportunities for interaction between experts and users. It will also be possible to establish contacts to industry and politics.



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