IVECO ‘#presente’ for Fondazione Telethon Foundation

Daily Blue Power Hi-Matic Natural Power with special "40 years" livery
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The Daily Blue Power Hi-Matic Natural Power, International Vanof the Year 2018, in the exclusive livery dedicated to the vehicle’s 40th anniversary, created by Garage Italia, is to be auctioned off on the CharityStars website [].

The proceeds will be donated to Telethon, a foundation that carries out research into rare genetic conditions. The auction will close on Thursday 20th December.

For the fifth year running, IVECO will be  “#presente” for the Fondazione Telethon, a partnership created to give a voice to children and families dealing with rare genetic conditions. A Daily Blue Power Hi-Matic Natural Power with special “40 years” livery will be auctioned off today, Monday 10th December, on Charity Stars, the charity fundraising platform to channel online auction proceeds towards solidarity campaigns. The auction will close on Thursday 20th December: The funds received from the sale will be donated to the Telethon Foundation,an organisation which has funded and expanded scientific research into rare genetic conditions since 1990.

The new “Daily 40th Anniversary” livery, with a special design created by Garage Italia to celebrate the anniversary of the Daily, marks the long history of successes achieved by this vehicle, which combines an increasing focus on innovation with the ability to meet the ever-evolving requirements of customers, in order to remain at the very pinnacle of sustainability, ahead of all other vehicles currently present on the market.

The new “Daily 40th Anniversary”livery, with a special design created by Garage Italia to celebrate the anniversary of the Daily, marks the long history of successes achieved by this vehicle

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, made the following comment: “Our Daily BluePower Hi-Matic Natural Power van, crowned International Van of the Year 2018, is already a champion of sustainability as operators in the transport sector can work in cities minimising noise and pollution emissions, creating healthier urban  environments,  as required by  the implementation of  the  agreement  between  Bacino Padano regions – Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna – to adopt rehabilitation measures as regards air quality. With a special livery dedicatedto the Daily’s 40th anniversary created for IVECO by Garage Italia, the Daily Blue Power, is also a champion of solidarity. We are thrilled to once again be collaborating with Telethon to be “#presente” for the Fondazione Telethon and all those who never rest in the fight against rare genetic conditions.”

Carlo Borromeo, Executive Director of the Style Centre at Garage Italia, added: “For the vehicle exterior the creative team at Garage Italia was inspired by a true classic from the 80s, recalling the theme of interstellar travel in space in search of unexplored galaxies, icons from a time when vans and trucks from the USA to Europe were customised through airbrushing. Space and the speed of light created a retro-futuristic mix on the Iveco Daily body for Telethon, a unique van projected towards the future. “

The Daily Blue Power Hi-Matic Natural Power is the first compressed natural gas vehicle in the LCV (light commercial vehicle) sector to be equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission. It is an incredibly quiet urban vehicle, specially designed for use in cities and with close attention to achieving reduced emissions. It is characterised by the robustness, performance and reliability that the Daily is known for,whilst offering greater comfort and exceptional driveability.

The vehicle is fitted with a 3-litre F1C engine that generates 136 CV, delivering a best-in-class torque of 350 Nm. Compared to ordinary natural gas car-derived engines, this industrially-derived engine is more robust and guarantees more torque and better driveability, delivering superb performance without compromise.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is part of the Daily Blue Power family, the new sustainable range by IVECO, and winner of “International Van of the Year 2018“, the perfect solution for urban and suburban missions: It can access any city centre at any time, meaning drivers are free from restrictions imposed by environmental standards thanks to the winning combination of technology, reduced emissions with low environmental impact, high performance and efficiency.

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