Karsan wins double awards with its Electric Evolution strategy

Karsan, which plays a pioneering role in the electrification of Europe's transportation infrastructure, continues to crown its achievements with global awards. In this regard, Karsan received two awards from Global Business & Finance Magazine with its Electric Evolution strategy. Okan Baş, the CEO of Karsan stated that, they are leading the evolution of electricity with the vision of "One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility."
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Karsan, which continues to take big steps towards becoming a global brand, continues to win awards worldwide with its high-tech production power and innovative working approach. Playing a pioneering role in the transformation of transportation infrastructure with the models it produces, especially in European countries, Karsan has added new ones to the awards it has received due to its assertive products.

Pioneer of the transformation of public transportation

The “Electric Evolution” concept, which narrates the brand’s electric vehicle journey, leads the transformation of the public transportation sector, in which Karsan combines the technologies of the future with the needs of today. With its “Electric Evolution” concept, Karsan, which has won two awards from Global Business & Finance Magazine, is recognized as Europe’s Most Preferred Electric Transportation Provider and Turkiye’s Most Inspiring Transportation Solutions Provider.

Karsan CEO Okan Baş stated, “they are leading the evolution of electricity with the vision of “One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility,” and added, “With our zero-emission, born-electric and autonomous vehicles, we reduce the carbon footprint and offer a silent, clean and safe travel experience. In the last five years, we have continued our electric journey with the 8-meter e-ATAK, which started with the 6-meter e-JEST. Learning from these two models, which have been the leaders in their class in Europe for years in a row, we introduced our 10-12-18 meter e-ATA models for the large bus segment. We have expanded our product range equipped with 100% battery electric technology, with self-driving Level 4 Autonomous e-ATAK and e-ATA Hydrogen with hydrogen fuel cells, which are the mobility technology of the future. As Karsan, we are glad to pioneer the electric mobility transformation with this journey, which we call Electric Evolution, and has been crowned with a new award.

Karsan e-JEST and e-ATAK are leader in Europe

Okan Baş, who emphasized that Karsan does not only produce battery electric vehicles within the scope of its Electric Evolution strategy, said, “We continue to lead the industry with models featuring autonomous and hydrogen fuel cell technology. Moreover, our proven models, such as the 100% electric e-JEST, has been the market leader in Europe for 3 consecutive years. Similarly, the e-ATAK has also been Europe’s market leader for 2 consecutive years. With our high-tech innovative products, we will continue our efforts to stay one step ahead in the future of mobility.


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