Karsan e-JEST and e-ATAK are the strongest candidates for leadership in Europe in 2023, again

Karsan e-ATAK
As one of the winners of the tender initiated by Consip, the Italian public procurement agency, Karsan has signed a new framework contract for its six and eight-meter electric lots covering 320 units in total.
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Karsan, which is constantly taking great steps towards becoming a global brand, continues its efforts at full speed to modernize Europe’s public transport with electric vehicles. Having taken its place among the leading manufacturers in Europe, Karsan attracts the world’s attention due to the hi-tech models it has developed. In this context, Karsan is adding new ones to the tenders it has won in Italy, one of its main target markets. Karsan, which won the tender held by Consip, the Italian public procurement agency, at the end of 2022, took first place in the eight-meter electric lot with its e-ATAK model according to the tender result.

Karsan’s expansion in Italy is accelerating

Karsan, which plays a pioneering role in the electrification of public transport in Italy, has won one of the most significant tenders in the country. Karsan aims to receive new e-JEST and e-ATAK orders within the scope of the 18-month framework agreement signed with Consip for supplying six and eight-meter electric vehicles. Karsan, which currently provides service in many different Italian cities from north to south, such as Verona, Legnago, Sendrio, Alghero, Olbia, Catania, and Catanzaro with its 34 electric vehicles, also aims to accelerate its expansion in the country with the new orders it will receive. Stating that they continue to play their leading role in the transformation of public transport in Europe, Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “Our vehicles that have proven themselves are also in great demand in the world, following Europe. Karsan e-JEST has been Europe’s best-selling electric minibus for the last three years. E-ATAK, on the other hand, has been keeping the leading position in its segment in Europe for two years. Our vehicles are to target the leadership in 2023, too.

Our strong growth to continue in Italy

Expressing that Karsan entered the Italian market with its electric vehicles, Okan Baş said, “As of today, our 34 electric vehicles are on the roads in Italy, which is one of our main markets. With both our current orders and the new orders we will receive with this framework contract, we are aiming to increase our electric vehicle park in Italy to over 200 units. Karsan is one of the most preferred brands in the electric transformation of Europe’s public transport. Thanks to this new tender, we will maintain our strong growth in Italy, one of our target markets.


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