Karsan the leader of electric public transport park in Romania

karsan e-JEST
240 Karsan-branded vehicles to go into service in Romania until the end of the year
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Karsan, which plays a leading role in the electrification of the transport infrastructure in Europe, attracts the attention of other countries with the high-tech models it has developed. Karsan, which has taken great steps to become a global brand, continues to reap the fruits of its efforts in European markets. In this context, Karsan is also rapidly cementing its presence in Romania, one of its key markets, with the tenders it has successively won.

Karsan is placed on the top in terms of electric city minibus and bus park

Maintaining its operations in Romania with its distributor Anadolu Automobil Romania (AAR), Karsan has reached a park of 180 electric vehicles in 15 cities since 2019. With the tender recently won from Chitila, this figure will rise to 240 vehicles at the end of 2023. Karsan, which attracts attention with its high-tech electric vehicles, reached the largest electric minibus and bus park in Romania between 2019-2022, according to the Chatrou report. Stating that Romania is a very substantial market for Karsan, Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “Romania is a country that adapts very quickly to electric transformation in public transport. We also respond to this momentum thanks to our high-tech electric products in all sizes ranging from 6 meters to 18 meters. In terms of rapidly adapting to the technological transformation, the dynamism of the Karsan brand and the dynamics of Romania coincide with each other.” Expressing that they have enabled full electric models to take the road in succession since 2019, Okan Baş said, “We, as Karsan, ranked second in the electric minibus and bus market in Romania in 2022 by having a share of 21 percent. Our vehicles are in operation across 15 different cities in Romania. With the tender, which we have recently won in the city of Chitila and covers 23 electric vehicles, our vehicle park in the country will reach 240. Along with AAR, our dealer in Romania, we are continuously maintaining our efforts to put more Karsan electric vehicles into service here.

Karsan e-ATA 12 metre
Karsan e-ATA 12 m

We are the leader in Europe with Karsan e-JEST and e-ATAK

Emphasizing that Karsan has played a pivotal role in the transformation of public transport in Europe, Okan Baş said, “Karsan e-JEST became the best-selling electric minibus in Europe in 2022 as well, following 2020 and 2021. Our fully electric e-ATAK model, on the other hand, managed to keep the leading position in the European market in 2022 as well, just as it did in 2021. Karsan will also carry its growth rate and sales success in Europe to the North American market.


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