Karsan makes debut in Japan with right-hand drive electric e-JEST

Karsan E-Jest
Introducing e-JEST, the first right-hand drive vehicle in the history of the brand, at the ceremony held at the Turkish Embassy in Japan, Karsan has begun its operations with its distributor Altech in this market.

Karsan, which plays a pioneering role in transforming public transport in the world with the vision of being One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility, continues to expand the markets where it operates. Karsan, which continues the journey that it embarked on from Europe in the North American market, is now strengthening its presence in Japan, too. Karsan, which entered the Japanese market, known as the country of the automotive, through the cooperation agreement signed with Altech in April 2023, launched the e-JEST model in Japan.

Karsan becomes Japan’s first European electric bus brand

The ceremony at the Turkish Embassy attracted broad participation from the Japanese press as well as the clients. Karsan entered the Japanese market and became the country’s first European electric bus brand. Expressing the rapid growth his company maintains, Karsan CEO Okan Baş said: “We are very proud and happy to operate in a country that reminds anyone of automobiles when mentioned. We are now adding the Japanese market to our successes in Europe and and the rapid expansion of our vehicle park in the North American market. We are transforming public transport across the world with our vision of being One Step Ahead in the Future of Mobility. This transformation began with the 6-meter electric minibus e-JEST at the end of 2018. Karsan e-JEST, the embodiment of our beginnings, is now ready to carry the Japanese people safely and environmentally friendly.

Karsan e-Jest
Karsan CEO Okan Baş and ALTECH President Toshishige Ikeya

The target is 100 units for next year

Emphasizing that the e-JEST they have introduced in Japan is Karsan’s first right-hand drive vehicle, Okan Baş stated, “Hundreds of Karsan e-buses serve all over Europe, from France to Romania, Italy to Portugal, Luxembourg to Spain. We expect to finish this year by reaching 1000 electric vehicles in 22 countries. Karsan e-JEST model, having recently entered Canada and North America as the first electric minibus, has managed to be Europe’s most preferred vehicle in its class for the last three years. Through this launch, we, as Karsan, have become the first European e-bus brand to enter Japan. In addition, we have found an opportunity to serve in a broad geography from Canada to Japan.  We aim to reach a sale of 100 units in the Japanese market next year.

ALTECH President Toshishige Ikeya said: “Although this is ALTECH’s first experience in entering the automobile industry with electric bus solution, we believe our spirit of taking on challenges will lead us to success. We are confident that our electric bus business will be a main driving force of our company in the future, and Karsan’s cooperation is essential to ensure our success. We hope to maintain our valuable partnership with Karsan as well as work together to develop the electric bus market in Japan for many years to come.


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