Busworld China opens in 1 year with a new concept

Busworld China

As announced in August 2018, Busworld International and VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd. are partnering up to relaunch the reputational Busworld China. The event will be organised in the SWEEC (Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Centre) in Shanghai from 18 to 20 March 2020, one year from now.

Sustainable mobility is one of the growing trends of the last decade. Every Busworld visitor has noticed the evolution to more and more electric vehicles in the booths and on the streets. Also a larger part of the seminars are dealing with the electrification of public transport buses. Zero emission is the future for bus and coach. In the last couple of years we have seen a fast progression in the quality and autonomy of battery electric buses. China was one of the first countries in the world that saw the potential and massively subsidized the R&D and employment of electric buses. Today, they are not only the biggest bus market in the world, but also the biggest electric bus market in the world with the most experience and knowledge about battery and other electric technologies. Whole cities are already being serviced with electric buses. This makes China the ideal place to visit when interested in the purchase, installation and management of electric fleets.

Mr. Didier Ramoudt, President of Busworld International confirms his believe in this technology focused event. ”This will be the right moment and the right place to tackle the big zero emission questions. We believe in an international event connecting people and companies with knowledge, products, ideas… in short: creating the right environment for a worldwide lab! The time is now.”

Mr. David Zhong, President of VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd. shares the same vision of the exhibition: “In terms of market size, product quality and export growth in China’s bus & coach market, China undoubtedly has a strong footprint in the global scale. A new Busworld China concept proportional to China’s market status in early 2020 will give the exhibition marginal time to conduct a full-scale upgrade in resources benefiting exhibitors & visitors both domestic and abroad.”


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