SAF-HOLLAND wins DEUTSCHLAND TEST against other automotive suppliers

SAF-HOLLAND has won the latest DEUTSCHLAND TEST award for "Top career opportunities for women" in the automotive supplier sector.
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At SAF-HOLLAND, women have the best career opportunities within Germany’s automotive supplier sector, according to the results of the latest DEUTSCHLAND TEST published by the FOCUS-MONEY magazine. The commercial vehicle supplier based in Bessenbach, Bavaria, beat eight industry competitors to the top spot.

In its Career Atlas 2021, DEUTSCHLAND TEST looked at where and how gender equality is already a reality and the companies where women have the best career prospects. As the industry winner among automotive suppliers, SAF-HOLLAND got the “Top career opportunities for women” award with the highest possible score of 100 points. “We are delighted to receive this award, as equal opportunity and diversity have been part of the identity of our company for years now. Every employee at SAF-HOLLAND has equal access to our resources and opportunities, because we truly believe that the diversity of our workforce is the key to our success“, says CEO Alexander Geis.

CEO Alexander Geis is pleased about the award “Top Career Opportunities for Women” for SAF-HOLLAND. The company is the winner in the automotive supplier sector in the DEUTSCHLAND TEST.

SAF-HOLLAND: Equal opportunities campaign

The company launched a global “Diversity and equal opportunities” campaign in 2020. Extensive surveys of employees found potential for improvement of equal treatment and are now being used to establish appropriate measures step by step. With 40 percent of a total of six Supervisory Board members being women, SAF HOLLAND has also exceeded the 30 percent quota of women required by law in Germany.

DEUTSCHLAND TEST, which is a FOCUS-MONEY brand, worked with the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) to look at the equal career opportunities for women at around 18,000 companies from more than 200 sectors. Between February 2020 and January 2021, data was collected in two stages and internet texts were analysed according to defined search terms and tone. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports were also rated in eight categories. The “Top career opportunities for women” award was based on the overall score in the ranking, with the winner for each sector getting 100 points.


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