Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles shows first images of the new Mini-Camper

The Campervan is the perfect partner for a spontaneous micro-adventure.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles presents first images and information for the successor to the Caddy Beach. The new Mini-camper is based on the completely revamped 5th generation of the Caddy. There are a whole host of new features. One example is the entirely new bed concept that has been redeveloped to offer greater versatility. Technology in the compact camper van is definitely state-of-the-art. And a touch of romance is also included, with the panorama glass roof offering a night under the stars.

Since 2005, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been selling a compact mobile
home based on the Caddy as a standard production model. From the outset, the
aim has been to retain everyday utility and to design the fittings such as storage
bags and bed area to be removable. This is also true of the latest generation. The
small brother of the California is an absolute all-rounder for the young family,
sport and hobby users or the group known as “best agers”. In short, it is intended
for all who seek maximum flexibility from their car, so that they can embark on the occasional spontaneous micro-adventure.

The living space can be significantly expanded with a rear tent. So the Mini-Camper becomes a glamping lodge.

One of the new highlights is the opportunity to gaze at the stars through the
1.4-square-metre panorama glass roof before dozing off. Those who prefer to
sleep in the dark or wish to avoid being woken by the sun in the morning can of
course also darken all of the windows, including the glass roof. Ensuring comfort
while sleeping on the almost two-metre-long bed are disc spring elements, as
used in the beds of the California or Grand California as well.

Cleverly stowed in the rear are the popular and lightweight camping chairs and
table from the California models. The two practical storage bags can be taken
inside the home for easy loading. They also serve as privacy screens inside the
vehicle when fastened in the rear window sections.

Sleeping comfort as in a California and, if desired, also under a 1.4m2 panora roof.

The new Caddy features 19 assistance systems for comfort and safety while
travelling. Included among them is Travel Assist, which for the first time ever
enables assisted driving in a Volkswagen commercial vehicle over the entire
range of speeds. Also new in the Caddy and familiar from the Crafter and the
T series are Trailer Assist, which makes reverse manoeuvring with a trailer
significantly easier, as well as the Side-Assist and Rear Traffic Alert.

Like the driver assistance systems, the Caddy’s new four-cylinder engines are
also innovative. They are from the next stage of engine evolution, fulfil the 2021
Euro 6 emissions standards and are all fitted with particulate filters. Also being
used for the first time in the TDI units – which have power outputs between
55kW / 75 PS and 90 kW / 122 PS – is the new twin dosing system. Via two SCR
catalytic converters and hence double AdBlue injection, the nitrogen oxide (NOx)
emission levels are significantly reduced in comparison to the previous model,
making the Caddy’s TDI engines among the cleanest diesel engines in the world.


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