Transpotec Logitec will be back in June

The appointment with the most important Italian event in the world of transport and logistics is approaching, at Fiera Milano from 10 to 13 June. New vehicles, logistics solutions, aftermarket, and training: products and services dedicated to a rapidly changing market.
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Scheduled to take place at Fiera Milano from 10 to 13 June 2021, Transpotec Logitec is getting ready to meet industry operators with products and services built around the topics that are revolutionising the market and its professionals.

There are many requirements that have to be met today to remain increasingly competitive. So, while optimising the Total Cost of Ownership is the priority for anyone who manages vehicles, sustainability, safety and digitisation are essential criteria for anyone looking for efficient transport. For Transpotec Logitec, these topics are the pillars on which the exhibition project has been built, designed to look at the evolving road haulage industry.

Digitisation in particular not only transforms vehicles, making them safer and easier to drive even in complex conditions, but also makes them increasingly connected, allowing every aspect of the vehicle to be controlled from outside the cab, giving the driver an extra tool to better plan journeys and make each trip more efficient by constantly monitoring the load and the truck.

This means that road haulage professionals are also changing, no longer lone drivers on long stretches of asphalt, but aware operators who are part of a network of often complex logistic processes, capable of quickly modifying travel strategies and proposing immediate solutions to problems and unforeseen events that may arise on route.

In this context, the event, paying particular attention on the ongoing evolution, will not only offer a view of the manufacturers’ innovations, the new engines and the many solutions related to spare parts, but will also look at logistics with a rich selection of software and programs for fleet management.

News and previews of vehicles, products and solutions will create an important opportunity for meetings and business at the end of a year that has practically demonstrated the importance and centrality of road transport and logistics for the economic system, on whose efficiency depends the continuity of business in all production sectors and above all essential services such as the supply of food and medicines.

In addition to the exhibiting area, the event will also include a large number of training events, which will focus on the daily challenges faced by road haulers in the field of logistics, with an in-depth look at current standards and regulations. The highlights of the event will alternate conferences and practical training sessions, designed to meet the varied needs of all professionals, offering an important opportunity for reflection, discussion and information, crucial at a time of great change.

For Transpotec Logitec, sustainability, safety and digitisation are the pillars on which the exhibition project has been built, designed to look at the evolving road haulage industry.


For full and safe enjoyment of the event, innovative digital services designed to facilitate and enhance visitor’s experience will be available to exhibitors and visitors during Transpotec Logitec.

Digital signs will allow for immediate management of visitor flows with information ready to use throughout the district, and a new exhibition App –  which will offer innovative tools ranging from wayfinding to a 3D map, and the possibility of booking and paying for services such as parking or lunch – will transform a tour of the event into a new and original phygital experience.

This maximisation of digital services will ensure that visitors can visit the expo in full safety, but also optimise their time. In short, technology will make it possible to experience Transpotec Logitec in a safer way, but also in a new, interactive way, tailored to visitors needs.


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