They call it “Mole”

Tatra 815-7T5R21.42ZC 4x4.1R with superstructure for transport of explosives.

Three so-called “frame chassis” of Tatra Force model line vehicles were prepared and delivered for completion with a special superstructure.

The vehicles will be used to transport explosives in deep mines. The complexity of the operation is therefore obvious. These are cramped spaces requiring the ability of high manoeuvrability and throughput. In narrow mining areas and galleries there is a dusty and humid environment (75% to 100%). Dangerous and sharp turns. Very aggressive and corrosive aqueous solutions of mine acids. The presence of micro-dispersed, electrically conductive dust is also very unpleasant. This significantly potentiates the strong and rapid corrosion of metal parts of vehicles.

The vehicle is intended for operation in deep mines.

It is also irrelevant that vehicles will carry dangerous goods. Therefore, the comfort and quality of driving even in difficult terrain is very welcome. Also, significantly less stress for the superstructure (body) thanks to the unique Tatra concept of the vehicle chassis is a great benefit. As well as the low cab construction, which is characteristic of the Tatra Force model line.

On other applications

The starting vehicle for processing the order of frame chassis T 815-7T5R21.42ZC 4×4.1R is the fire chassis T 815-7T5R21.371. The basic difference and at the same time a key element are the rear steered axle. Furthermore, reduction in wheel hubs, main gearbox Tatra 14 TS 210-N, two-door middle cab, so called “Vojta“, with ROPS-FOPS protection systems, drum brakes and wheelbase 4182 mm.

Tight operating conditions require a high degree of maneuverability.

Vehicles designed for operation in deep mines have the same wheelbase and rear axle control system (VSE) as the trucks which has been manufactured and delivered to customers in Chile some months ago. The front and rear axles are ten-ton, the air suspension is complemented by stabilizers. The brake system works with drum brakes. TatraTON front axle steering system, rear VSE.

Aggressive environment and high humidity place high demands on the reliability of vehicle operation.

The drive is provided by air-directly cooled eight-cylinder engine T3D-928-21 in the Euro V emission specification equipped with an electric preheating system. The maximum power is tuned to the level of 280 kW and the torque reaches a peak of 1800 Nm.

Chassis, cab, engine, transmission, additional / descending transmission – all Made in Tatra.

The mechanical transmission of own production is equipped with the TatraNorgren electronic gearshift system. The Tatra 2.30 TR 0.71 / 1.85 additional / descending gearbox and torque divider ensure permanent wheel drive on both axles. With 385/65 R 22.5 tires vehicles have a wading of 1200 mm. Thanks to the traffic and driving characteristics, they call this application “Mole“.

Text by Milan Olšanský


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