Stellantis joins the Lhyfe Heroes platform with its Hydrogen for Professionals offer to accelerate the development of ecosystems

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Hydrogen is a key focus for Stellantis to support its high-mileage commercial customers in their energy transition and to help achieve its carbon net zero commitment by 2038. To promote its most suitable vehicle offerings to a demanding set of users, Stellantis will now be present on Lhyfe Heroes, the first online portal helping end users to implement hydrogen solutions.
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Stellantis, the world’s leading manufacturer of mass-produced hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles, has partnered with Lhyfe Heroes, the first digital platform dedicated to project initiators seeking hydrogen solutions or equipment for their ongoing projects.

Stellantis launched its first compact van range over a year ago, including the Citroën ë-Jumpy Hydrogen, Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen and Opel Vivaro-e Hydrogen. These vehicles, which are currently built in France and converted to hydrogen in Germany, will be mass-produced from 2024, at the Hordain site in the north of France, which will have a production capacity of 5,000 hydrogen vehicles a year. As part of its strategic plan, DARE FORWARD 2030, Stellantis has announced its ambition to further develop its range of fuel cell commercial vehicles, which are particularly well-suited to high-mileage commercial users.

In the fast-emerging hydrogen economy, hydrogen project initiators now need to simultaneously leverage all components of the value chain, i.e. hydrogen production, refuelling solution, vehicles, etc. This complexity can slow project progress. By joining the Lhyfe Heroes platform, Stellantis hopes to help customers to implement their hydrogen plans.

The platform, which was created by Lhyfe – one of the world’s pioneers in the production of green and renewable hydrogen for transport and industry – aims to support the efforts of both hydrogen project initiators and hydrogen solution providers. With thousands of visits a month since its launch in November 2022, the portal answers a strong demand from users for information on new hydrogen products and services.

Lhyfe Heroes offers three main services, which are constantly being enriched. In a few minutes, users can:

–         assess the relevance of using hydrogen for decarbonising their operations thanks to a simulator with an integrated calculation system,

–         identify market-available products and solutions to implement their plans (over a hundred such products and services are already listed on Lhyfe Heroes),

–         connect with hydrogen vehicle manufacturers, refuelling stations, hydrogen generator suppliers and hydrogen producers.

Through its partnership with Lhyfe Heroes, Stellantis now catalogues online its various vehicles with their characteristics and key data. With just a few clicks, visitors seeking a fleet of commercial hydrogen vehicles can easily access comprehensive information on various models of vans available. They can also refine their search criteria to find the most suitable options. The data collected from the portal’s usage will help Stellantis better understand customer needs.

Peter Kuhn, in charge of hydrogen development at Stellantis (Citroën, Peugeot and Opel) said: “To accelerate the spread of our range of light commercial vehicles for professionals and the development of hydrogen ecosystems, we need all of the chain to develop simultaneously. The Lhyfe Heroes initiative represents an opportunity to accelerate the projects of our customers and the entire industry in Europe. It’s a real asset for everyone!”

Claire Le Dren, in charge of developing Lhyfe Heroes: “We are very proud of the trust that Stellantis has placed in us. Together, we hope to help many project initiators to develop cleaner mobility, quickly, smoothly and massively, using green and renewable hydrogen.


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