Recovery system from CARRIER TRANSICOLD for SAF TRAKr axle from SAF-HOLLAND

SAF-HOLLAND is collaborating with CARRIER TRANSICOLD on the development of its SAF TRAKr recuperation axle: The global provider of cold chain solutions supplies the recovery system for the SAFHOLLAND's E-axle, i.e. battery pack, control system and cooling unit.

SAF-HOLLAND is collaborating with CARRIER TRANSICOLD on the development of its SAF TRAKr recuperation axle. The international leading company contributes to the smart recovery system of the trailer solution thanks to its axle, which enables the autonomy of the Vector eCool while driving.

The SAF TRAKr recuperation axle, which will start series production in 2022, marks an important milestone for SAF-HOLLAND for the future of e-transport: Lower fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and less particulate matter, but also better noise protection, more efficient processes and reliable compliance with current legislation – all these benefits allow to reduce costs and make heavy-duty transport more sustainable. The chassis specialist brought CARRIER TRANSICOLD on board as a partner in mid-2020: To ensure optimum performance of the high-performance e-trailer axle, the two companies are pooling their expertise in the areas of development, technology, approval, customer support and service.

Future plans for complete system with plug & play solution

We have a very close and dynamic partnership and look with pride at the results of our cooperation so far: the SAF TRAKr has achieved very good results during the multi-year test phase and is now ready for series production,” says Christoph Günter, President Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at SAF-HOLLAND. The partners SAF-HOLLAND and CARRIER TRANSICOLD have also already made plans for the future: Their goal is to provide their customers operating with heavy duty-trailers with a complete, 100% electric system with a plug & play solution in the long term. “We believe connecting the SAF TRAKr recuperation system to our Vector eCool will strengthen our position as pioneer in ultra-low-emission trailer refrigeration, with a solution that offers autonomous power, no direct emissions, and quiet operations,” says Victor Calvo, CARRIER TRANSICOLD International Truck & Trailer. “This partnership between two leading companies in the industry results in a high-performance and reliable solution that will offer a wider choice for our customers”.

SAF TRAKr: power generation via recuperation

CARRIER TRANSICOLD, global provider of cold chain solutions, supplies the recovery system for the SAF-HOLLAND’s E-axle, i.e. battery pack, control system and cooling unit. Energy recovery is used to generate electricity for the trailer refrigeration unit while driving. For this purpose, the centrally located high-voltage generator unit converts the kinetic energy generated by the trailer axle and brakes into electricity. This is temporarily stored in a lithium-ion battery pack or used to supply auxiliary consumers in the trailer with electricity while driving.


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