Electric axle from SAF-HOLLAND used by Swiss logistics company

The SAF TRAKr uses regenerative braking to generate additional electrical energy to lower the emissions and fuel consumption of the entire combination.

The Swiss forwarder Galliker invests in sustainable strategies and environmentally friendly logistics solutions. This includes alternative vehicle technologies such as the SAF TRAKr regenerative braking axle from SAF-HOLLAND, used by the family-run company since the end of 2021.

Galliker has evolved from a small cartage business founded in 1918 to an internationally active logistic company with 17 branch offices in five countries. The fully family-owned company is run by the family in the third generation and has 3,300 employees throughout Europe. The headquarters in Altishofen in the Swiss canton of Lucerne are home to divisions such as Cargo, Car, Healthcare, Frigo and Food Logistics.

SAF TRAKr for refrigerated semi-trailers from Galliker

The fleet features over 1,100 tractor units and around the same number of trailers. A refrigerated semi-trailer has been equipped with the SAF TRAKr regenerative braking axle from SAF-HOLLAND since late 2021. “We already have a number of electric tractor units, so it seemed logical to electrify the trailer as well,” explains Felix Felder, Head of Fleet Management at Galliker. The refrigerated vehicle has already driven more than 20,000 kilometres with the electric axle, exclusively on Swiss roads so far. “We are very happy with it so far. This is a new technology which we are examining very closely, looking at the economic benefits as well as sustainability,” adds the fleet manager.

Using an electric axle is new territory for the environmentally conscious logistics company. And the manufacturer SAF-HOLLAND also continues to gather experiences with its electric technology and keeps optimising it: A total of 50 vehicles were equipped with the SAF TRAKr regenerative braking axle in 2021, and 50 additional units as well as series production are planned for mid 2022.

Refrigeration units run fully on electricity from regenerative braking

The SAF TRAKr uses regenerative braking to generate additional electrical energy to lower the emissions and fuel consumption of the entire combination. The recuperated energy can be used to run the refrigeration units in the Galliker semitrailer fully on electricity.

The drivers also benefit, as running the refrigeration units on electricity alone significantly reduces the noise generation. Felix Felder can confirm this: “You hear virtually nothing – that means significantly more comfort for the driver, in particular on long journeys or during the night.

Respect for nature and the environment: “Green Logistics by Galliker

The Swiss family-run company cares not only about the wellbeing of their employees, but also places a special focus on a respectful approach to nature. The company has established “Green Logistics by Galliker” to reduce its harmful impact on the environment. The focus is on sustainable actions, energy efficient infrastructures and environmentally friendly transport and logistics solutions. The aim is to become CO2 neutral by 2050.

The SAF TRAKr is one element in the environmentally conscious approach of the internationally active forwarder. The electric axle from SAF-HOLLAND is designed for axle loads from nine to ten tons and is available with different disc brakes for 19.5” and 22.5” wheels. The axle uses a high-voltage generator module for electric regenerative braking, with a maximum power of 26 kW.

Maintenance work on the axle is simple and cost-efficient: The drive unit does not have to be removed for uninstalling the wheel ends and wheels. The spare parts supply is also uncomplicated, as wear parts such as brake pads or brake rotors are identical to the components for the non-driven SAF-HOLLAND axles.

The field service of the suspension specialist is also actively involved in the processes concerning the first regenerative braking axle at Galliker. Felix Felder feels well looked after by his contact Alexander Ledig and approaches him when any questions arise. Based on the positive experiences with the SAF TRAKr so far, the Swiss forwarder Galliker is certain of where it wants to take this: Nine additional vehicles are scheduled to be equipped with the electric axle from SAF-HOLLAND.


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