Quantron AG wins German Innovation Award 2021 in the “E-Mobility” category

Quantron AG is winner of the German Innovation Award 2021 in the "E-Mobility" category

Quantron AG has received the German Innovation Award in the “E-Mobility” category. Every year, the award honors innovative companies that stand for sustainable and user-oriented projects and methods with future potential.

This year, for the fourth time, forward-thinking companies in cross-industry categories were prized with the German Innovation Award. Quantron AG impressed the jury with its comprehensive services as well as its wide range of environmentally friendly electric, hybrid and fuel cell solutions for commercial vehicles from under 3.49 to 44 tons. To save the CO2 emissions of a new vehicle production, Quantron AG focuses on the resource-saving conversion of used and existing vehicles.

Andreas Haller, founder and CEO of Quantron AG: “I am very pleased that we are among this year’s winners of the German Innovation Award and would like to thank the selection committee. With our sustainable q-repowering approach, we are making an important contribution to a greener future. The award confirms the highly innovative character of our concept.


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