No strike at Girteka Logistics

Girteka Logistics do not have trucks standing due to crisis or strike.
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Girteka Logistics do not have trucks standing due to crisis or strike.

Girteka Logistics, like the entire business world, see a significant impact on our business. This includes a serious drop in the number of transportations. A large part of European business stands still creating a financial crisis never seen before, this also impacts Girteka Logistics.

Our main focus is to preserve workplaces therefore we take cost reduction steps ranging from a hiring freeze to cancelling projects and expenses, we also reduce daily allowances for all employees, including our drivers.

We are not reducing salaries of our drivers, we have for some time paid high daily allowances, due to the current economic environment we have announced a temporary correction to this.

This temporary reduction in daily allowances created talks among our drivers, and several media reported that our drivers were on strike or had announced a strike, this is and have so far not been the case.

We respect and understand that this is not positive news for our drivers, a number of our drivers also expressed understanding of the fact that we with this and other initiatives aim to preserve as many workplaces as possible at a time when many large companies make significant reductions in the number of employees.

We continue to work hand in hand with our drivers to ensure they have the necessary information to evaluate the situation, and together we are working to secure workplaces and avoid disruptions. We don’t have signs of a formal strike or stopping of trucks that will have impact on our ability to serve our customers.

Road transport usually is among the first to feel an economic crisis and as well the first to see a recovery, that is what we with our 18.000 colleagues look forward to.


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