New design for the SH CONNECT app

With the latest update, the SH CONNECT app from SAF-HOLLAND is even more clearly structured. It finds workshops and spare parts dealers within a 500 km radius and helps with identifying spare parts.
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Update for the SH CONNECT app: The mobile application from SAF-HOLLAND now has an even more clearly structured design and is therefore easier to use. The app, which is available free of charge in the Android and iOS stores, provides support for searching for spare parts and finds workshops and parts suppliers within a radius of 500 km.

Mobile service is an indispensable component of everyday work in the transport industry. For the best support on the road, SAF-HOLLAND has developed the SH CONNECT app, which is continuously being optimised. “The latest update delivers a new design for our app and streamlines the functions, so that it is now even easier and more comfortable to use. The app has become firmly established in our range of services for fleets and drivers,” says Thomas Piroth, Vice President Group Digital & Innovation. The app menu is clearly structured so that users can find the individual functions quickly and easily.

 SH CONNECT app – a useful companion

The SH CONNECT app can offer help for those on the road, for example after a breakdown. As a daily companion, the app finds qualified workshops and parts suppliers within a 500 km radius of the current location. Simply enter the address, select the radius and click the search field – and the contact information for all available dealers and workshops will be shown on a map overview.

If a spare part is required, a QR code reader opens in the “Product scan” menu item. The user can use this to simply scan the code on the required component. After a few seconds, the corresponding product page with all relevant details will open in the electronic Parts on Demand (PoD) spare parts catalogue. As soon as the user logs in, they can order the required component from the dealer directly online in a secure process.

 The most important SAF-HOLLAND contacts in 16 countries

The most important contacts – in customer service, aftermarket and the 24/7 hotline – in 16 countries can be displayed with a simple click on the menu. The workshop manual, training dates, videos and literature can also be accessed and downloaded through the app. The “Shop” field takes users directly to the virtual PoD catalogue. SH CONNECT is available in 13 languages as a free download for Android and iOS devices on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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