IVECO wins “Most Pro-Active Use of LNG in Transportation” Award at Small-Scale LNG Summit

IVECO Stralis NP460

IVECO took part in the 2nd Small-Scale LNG Summit, which was held in Milan, Italy, on February 12, 2019. The event brought together the entire value chain of LNG professionals specialising in small-scale  projects. Speaking at  the  event  were  industry experts invited to  share  tailor-made approaches to ensure effective LNG practices especially in scaled-down operations. IVECO was invited to speak at the event, participating in the panel discussion about “Carrying the Future. LNG as a Fuel”.

Marco Liccardo, IVECO Medium & Heavy Trucks Global Product Line, shared the stage with representatives of the Energy Delta Institute, the Italian Biogas Association, the Port Network Authority of the Sardinian Sea/MedCruise, the Ministry of the Sea of Portugal, and the European Commission. He presented IVECO’s vision for sustainable transport, which sees natural gas as a mature solution, especially for goods transport and long-distance haulage – a view that is supported by EU institutions and governments through policies and subsidies aiming to encourage the use of this alternative fuel and the development of the necessary infrastructure.

IVECO receives recognition for its continuous offering of solutions for sustainable and zero-emissions transport at the 2nd Small-Scale LNG Summit.

IVECO’s commitment was recognised at the Small-Scale LNG Summit with the Most Pro-Active use of LNG in Transportation Award for its continuous offering of the solutions for sustainable and zero-emissions transport, including constant manufacturing and improvement of LNG powered vehicles. The Awards recognize the greatest achievements in the LNG Industry. The Small-Scale LNG Summit Awards are given to companies and individuals who have positively influenced the LNG Industry in every stage of the value chain.

Marco Liccardo, IVECO Medium & Heavy Trucks Global Product Line

Marco Liccardo, IVECO Medium & Heavy Trucks Global Product Line, commented: “This award is testament to our commitment to natural gas technology and the ground breaking solutions we have developed over the years, leading the industry on the path to sustainable transport. We are seeing a shift in the market towards alternative tractions and, in particular LNG for heavy duty transport. The growth in demand has accelerated steeply and we are expecting this trend to continue. IVECO has been leading the way in natural gas technology and as a result we dominate the market. We will continue to invest in developing our natural gas solutions to maintain our technology leadership, and expect to remain ahead of the market for years to come.”



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