Ford Trucks to develop its first fuel cell-powered F-MAX model

Fuel Cell Electric-Powered (FCEV) F-MAX
Ford Trucks, accelerating its efforts to achieve zero emissions by incorporating Ballard Power Systems into its roster of strategic partners for the supply and development of fuel cells. This collaboration is a crucial aspect of the Horizon Europe ZEFES project initiated by the European Union. Ford Trucks aims to create its inaugural Fuel Cell Electric-Powered (FCEV) F-MAX vehicle through this innovative collaboration.

Ford Trucks, the global brand of the heavy commercial vehicle industry, has partnered with Ballard Power Systems to develop a Fuel Cell Electric-Powered (FCEV) F-MAX as part of the EU Horizon Europe ZEFES (Zero Emission Freight EcoSystem), a zero-emission logistics project in which Ford participates with the vision of pioneering the future transportation solutions. Ford Trucks will collaborate with Ballard on fuel cell supply and development within this project.

Ballard Power Systems, based in Canada, and Ford Trucks have signed a letter of intent (LoI) that includes an initial purchase order for two FCmove-XD 120 kW fuel cell engines, which are scheduled for delivery in 2023.

Ford Trucks leads the way in developing sustainable technologies

Ford Trucks plans to develop and manufacture the fuel cell-powered F-MAX in Turkey. The F-MAX will mark Ford Trucks’ first fuel cell-powered vehicle and is expected to commence European Ten-T corridor demonstrations in 2025, aligning with the goals of the ZEFES project.

Ford Trucks is currently testing Hydrogen Combustion with in-house Single Cylinder Research Engine for heavy commercial vehicles for the first time. In this respect, it accomplished the initial engine start-up and ignition activities successfully. Ford Trucks remains dedicated to conducting further engine development for Zero Emissions.

The F-MAX, developed and produced entirely by Ford Trucks engineers, made a remarkable breakthrough in international markets by winning the ‘2019 International Truck of the Year’ award, one of the world’s most prestigious commercial vehicle fairs.

Under the “Generation F movement,” Ford Trucks is leading a major transformation in heavy commercial vehicles by adopting zero-emission, connected, and autonomous technologies. The company has committed to achieving zero emissions in heavy commercial vehicle production by 2040, to combat the effects of climate change. As a testament to this commitment, Ford Trucks unveiled its 100% electric truck at the IAA transportation fair in Hannover in September 2022.


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