First tests of Buggyra Racing team

David Vršecký (right) and Tomáš Enge tested in veils.

The dangerous coronovirus situation has affected literally all sectors of human activity. Everything stopped. We have stopped living a normal life, but small signs to improve the situation and return to normal reality are already appearing. The testing activities of the Czech Buggyra Racing team are one of them.

The Buggyra phenomenon of Czech motor sport with a strong international accent will appear again in more disciplines than has been the case so far. We were used to the fact that the Buggyra name is associated almost exclusively with circuit racing of trucks, not only European (Buggyra trucks), but also Indian and Chinese (Tatra and Buggyra trucks). However, for seven years now, Buggyra has appeared relatively successfully in rally sport of the highest world level, specifically in the so-called Dakar competitions and the Dakar Rally itself (Tatra 815 Fat Boy, Tatra Phoenix G2, G3).

The name Buggyra has also appeared in Lamborghini SuperTrofeo Cup races since last year.

All last year, we were able to see her together with the Mičánek Motorsport team on the Lamborghini SuperTrofeo series. For this year, it has expanded its racing activities in alliance with the Zero Mileage Lubricants team to the Chinese GT car championship. The steering wheel of the Mercedes GT3 will be David Vršecký, two-time European champion in FIA circuit racing, three-time Chinese champion in circuit racing and multiple speed and endurance world record holder, together with the only Czech to ever race a sharp Formula 1 race, Tomáš Enge.

Despite all the difficulties brought about by the difficult situation with dangerous coronavirus and the canceled beginnings of some motoring championships, Buggyra is not breaking the stick over this season and is determined to be perfectly prepared for all racing competitions again. That’s also why she set out last week for the first testing of her racing specials this year.

For the first time on the circuit in Most, North Bohemia also Mercedes GT3.

Life goes on

The unusual silence that prevailed at the Most racetrack after the introduction of government restrictive measures was cut by the engines of the Buggyra Racing team‘s racing specials on Tuesday. “After a long time, we were again able to go to the race track and start preparing properly for the upcoming season. It’s a great feeling to smell the racing petrol and burnt tires again,Tomáš Enge rejoiced at the opportunity to test. “We are excited to be able to test under the current conditions. We definitely still believe that most of this year’s races will take place and we want to be at the forefront right from the start,” added David Vršecký, his teammate. “The current situation is certainly difficult for all racing and sports teams, but SuperTrofeo Europe does not interrupt the event yet, it just moves them, so we believe that we will leave the season one hundred percent,” shared the optimism of Jiří Mičánek.

This year Buggyra will present its racing ambitions in several categories of car racing.

In full field

The first testing right in full field. “We are lucky to have this opportunity to test. We have all our circuit specials and most of the riders here, so that we can evaluate how well we are currently performing and move on somewhere further,” explained team mentor Martin Koloc. At the Most autodrome, machines of 4 specifications were suddenly driven. “We have Clio from the Buggyra academy, the boys from Mičánek came with Lamb, of course we drive on the circuit with a Mercedes GT3 for the first time and there is also racing truck Buggyra VK, where we made some changes to the engine, so we find out how it will behave on the track,” he introduced all present specials. chief designer of Buggyra Vršecký.

Alliyah Koloc, the daughter of mentor and founder of the Buggyra team Martin Koloc, rode in Most on tests with a sharp Buggyra VK truck.

All cars, not drivers

All the cars gathered, but due to the current world situation, a few drivers were missing. “Unfortunately, as far as trucks are concerned, we don’t have any of our main drivers here. Although Adam Lacko has already returned from Spain, he is still in mandatory quarantine. Téo Calvet, who is from France, doesn’t even have a chance to get here at the moment, so I drove a few laps, Tomáš also rode and otherwise Aliyyah Koloc trains with VK for the rest of the day,” added the two-time European champion in truck racing David Vršecký.

Background of the Buggyra Racing team during this year’s first test on the circuit in Most.

The first tests this year

Today’s test went very well, for the first time we actually had the opportunity to pull the GT to the circuit. We try different settings, watch the times and get used to the car,” said the only Czech with experience in Formula 1. “David learns, finds out what it’s like to drive a car that has a lot of pressure and doesn’t weigh 5 tons. Very quick reactions are needed to such a car, it will of course take some time for David to get used to the car, but I am convinced that he will then drive the same times as me or the other drivers,” said his partner Enge.

Azure skies, cool air and the first kilometers on the track just for yourself, for Vršecký an ideal acquaintance with the new car. “I drove a GT for the first time, I’m absolutely excited about it, everything is different there, I learn every kilometer. Tomas drove the reference wheel and I’m trying to get to that time. It’s something new for me and I enjoy new things, so for me a completely great day, blue sky, we are on the circuit and we ride,” said a positive David Vršecký.


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