Vendelbo Spedition’s trailers with Thermo King Advancer Spectrum multi-temperature units

Seven new side-door refrigerated trailers in Vendelbo Spedition’s fleet are the first in Denmark to benefit from Advancer Spectrum’s market-leading multi-temperature performance, precise temperature control and fleet connectivity.

Vendelbo Spedition, a Danish transport and freight forwarding company operating across Scandinavia, invested in seven new trailers equipped with
Advancer Spectrum A-500 units, the latest and most advanced multi-temperature refrigeration systems from Thermo King, a leader in transport temperature control solutions and a brand of Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT). Vendelbo Spedition is the first company that started operating the new Advancer Spectrum units in Denmark.

Thermo King Advancer Spectrum units introduce a new level of performance to the multi-temperature trailer market, offering market leading refrigeration performance, temperature recovery and pulldown. Advancer Spectrum units are up to 30% more fuel efficient compared to the previous generation, offering also lower service interval rate of up to 30% and reduced unscheduled maintenance by up to 60%.

We purposefully work to constantly improve our operations on all possible fronts. When considering new refrigeration technologies for our trailers, we were convinced by the positive economic and environmental impact of the new Thermo King Advancers,” said Jesper Bundgaard, managing director at Vendelbo Spedition. “Our new dual-temperature trailers with side-opening doors are already operating across Denmark and Scandinavia and the fuel savings offered by the Advancer Spectrum units are substantial. The combination of low noise and high-performance operations enables us to flexibly answer our customers’ demand for multi-temperature transport of food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products.

With Advancer Spectrum, our customers can experience new level of performance in multi-zone temperature configurations with precise temperature management and reduced fuel and operational costs,” said Jozsef Torok, area sales manager Denmark, Finland and Norway at Thermo King. “The A-500 Spectrum units ensure that the trailer box is used to its fullest capabilities. Whatever the mix of cargo, Spectrum allows it to be shipped in a single trailer, so customers can respond to peak-demands easily and quickly. With the A-500 Spectrum, Vendelbo Spedition can be sure they have the greenest and most fuel-efficient cooling unit on the market, fully compliant with today’s regulations and prepared for the future.

Advancer Spectrum is the first multi-temperature trailer unit on the market offering complete transparency of fuel levels and consumption. Customers can access the fuel consumption and other data both on the unit and remotely via telematics, enabling them to optimise their fleet more innovatively. Fleet intelligence is standard, as Advancer Spectrum comes included with 2 years of full, two-way telematics connectivity service.

The new Advancer Spectrum features a 48V DC mild-hybrid technology now available for temperature configurations of two distinct zones during the same journey, with precise temperature management and set point control.  

The new remote evaporators bring additional capacity to the remote zone, maximising the flexibility and efficiency of customers’ operations. Combined with the Advancer multi-temp controller, customers can precisely manage the temperature while gaining real-time insight into how the unit is running, how the temperature zones are performing and how much fuel the unit is using.

The Advancer Spectrum’s unrivalled system efficiency significantly lowers customers’ CO2 footprint with engine emissions substantially lower than the maximum allowed by latest NRMM Stage V emission standards. Advancer Spectrum units are fully compatible with Thermo King alternative power sources like AxlePower smart power recovery system and HybridDrive seamlessly switching between diesel and electric.

All Thermo King Advancer units are manufactured in the Thermo King’s state-of-the art and carbon neutral (ISO 14064-1) production line in Galway, Ireland.


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