The new Multivan – Table becomes clever multitool

The all new Multivan - interior (design sketch)
Renault Trucks

It is a feature that even the first Multivan already had on board more than 35 years ago: a table in the back. Since then, this practical feature has been an ever-present in every generation of the all-rounder. Over the years the detailed design of the tables became increasingly innovative: now comes the most flexible table ever – in the new Multivan. Why are we even calling it a table? Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has reinvented the feature: from now on it’s a multi-function system, which can also be used as a centre console – not just in the front, but on any seating row.

The starting point: in the current Multivan 6.1 the table always has its fixed place in the back. Depending on the vehicle specification, it is available as a folding table or multi-function table. The redesign: thanks to a new track system the latest Multivan’s table can now be moved around and arranged in the back in a great variety of ways. And that’s not all! As the relevant tracks extend all the way to the front between driver’s and front passenger seat, it can in fact also be used as a centre console in the first seating row. That’s something that no Multivan before has ever had.

This is how the new multi-function table works: it gets locked into place on the new track system in the middle of the vehicle. In its default position the two fold-out halves of the table and the height adjuster are retracted. In this position the table is a centre console, which, as mentioned, can be set up on any seating row. Integrated in the top of this console are three cup holders and a storage bin. The multi-function table can be raised up by pressing a large button. This now gives access to further storage compartments – for instance, for toys or larger drinks bottles. In parallel, the two halves of the table can now be pulled out and folded up into place on the left and right. If you want to take the table out, you simply release it using two hand grips on its base. Using just one of the grips, the multi-function table can be moved about.

If the table was being used between driver’s and front passenger seat as a centre console, it can be moved very easily into the second or third seating row in order to open up the typical gap through to the back – part of the Multivan’s DNA. In any case, the flexibility of the track system and the enhancements to the table mean that the new Multivan is for the first time offering both: a centre console and a way through to the back. The gap through to the back in the new Bulli is also not only wide, but comfortably high as well. For the internal headroom in the next Multivan generation is equal to that in the current Multivan 6.1. What’s more, if the new Multivan has been configured with the panoramic sunroof being offered for the first time for this model line, the maximum interior headroom is even greater than in its predecessor. But that is already another Multivan story.


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