Stars from the world of sports love the new Mercedes-Benz Tourrider

The Mercedes-Benz Tourrider Premium, used for the 2022 World Games, sets new standards in the USA in terms of design, comfort, technology and individuality.

The American Thrasher Brothers Trailways bus company attracted attention at the World Games 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, with a Mercedes-Benz Tourrider Premium. The motorcoach, painted in metallic black, was used exclusively to transport selected top athletes to the various competition sites around Birmingham.

Exquisite timing

Owner Alan Thrasher was more than proud of this high-profile order: “There was no better time for us to showcase the exceptional Mercedes-Benz Tourrider Premium motorcoach than this superlative event. All athletes immediately felt at home on board. The vehicle is equipped with 56 travel seats and completely provides all the things you’d expect in a Mercedes-Benz, making a strong impression on all those involved.
Specially designed for the North American market, the new 45 ft. three-axle motorcoaches with chrome-plated center star set new standards in the USA and Canada in terms of design, comfort, technology and individuality.
Thrasher Brothers Trailways is a 50-year-old family-owned company that specializes in chartered transportation exclusive touring coaches while also serving routes extending through the entire country.

Sports stars from all over the world

Alyce Davidson, Owner and Secretary/Treasurer of Thrasher Trailways stated “The drivers and athletes were highly impressed with the coach’s comfort and ride. The time on the coach allowed drivers to share a bit of the southern hospitality and charm with the athletes.

A total of 3,600 athletes from all over the world took part at the World Games, which took place in the USA for the second time since 1981. 110 nations fought for medals in 38 non-Olympic sports, including powerlifting, billiards and tug-of-war.


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