SAF-HOLLAND takes over PressureGuard

CEO Detlef Borghardt explains that the acquisition of PressureGuard as a specialist for tyre pressure management allows SAF-HOLLAND to strengthen its solution-oriented strategy and its system competence.

SAF-HOLLAND has acquired the majority interest in PressureGuard LLC, a US specialist for automatic tyre pressure management. This allows the supplier for commercial vehicle components to strengthen its competence in tyre pressure systems in North America. At the same time, the company expands its product portfolio with an important basic element for sophisticated digital SMART products in trailer applications. In the medium term, SAF-HOLLAND is planning to offer the PressureGuard system in Europe, China and other sales markets as well.

The PressureGuard system is a durable, robust solution for tyre pressure management, which meets the growing market demand for reliable automatic tyre-inflating systems. The system features several unique selling points:

–    stainless steel braided hoses

–    special cast aluminium hub caps with protection function

–    a unique axle venting element (patent pending)

–    patented high-pressure relief functions

The pressure-free axle structure can be integrated with all standard industry variations of axle configurations, tyre sizes, rim types, axle spindle types, hub lubrication options, pressure settings, cabling and electrical circuits.

Everything from one source“: an approach with potential

SAF-HOLLAND sees great potential in the tyre pressure management technology from PressureGuard: The supplier for commercial vehicle components wants to provide its fleet customers in North America with an even more comprehensive axle and suspension solution. In addition, the Group of companies is now expanding its system competence with the newly acquired solution: The “everything from one source” approach offers fleet managers a central contact point and a fully developed system design. The concept also simplifies warranty and customer service.

This acquisition follows our strategy of offering our customers complete system solutions and is the perfect addition to our product portfolio. This approach addresses many challenges faced by fleet managers and simplifies the ordering, production and customer service processes. Integrating the PressureGuard concept allows us to significantly increase the number of our axle systems equipped with tyre pressure management technology,” explains SAF-HOLLAND CEO Detlef Borghardt. He states that around 30 per cent of all trailers are already supplied with such a system in the US, with an increasing trend.

According to CFO Dr. Matthias Heiden, the takeover of the US company PressureGuard expands the technological expertise of SAF-HOLLAND for convincing solutions in tyre pressure management.

PressureGuard system: simple and robust design

After North America, we will also be offering the system in other sales markets in a second step from mid-2020. PressureGuard has proven successful in the market with a simple, yet robust design,” Detlef Borghardt continues. SAF-HOLLAND CFO Dr. Matthias Heiden adds: “Similar to the acquisition of Axscend in 2018, the focus for the takeover of PressureGuard is once again on expanding our technological expertise. The competence of PressureGuard can be seamlessly integrated into our digital SMART product platform, allowing us to offer a convincing solution for tyre management systems.” With the SMART-STEEL innovation campaign, the SAF-HOLLAND Group moves step-by-step further into the digital world, preparing the company for the future challenges in the field of transport.


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