Romania chooses Karsan Jest Electric again

Karsan wins the tender for 8 electric minibuses in Beclean

Offering transportation solutions for the mobility needs of the century in its factory located in Bursa, the commercial vehicle manufacturer Karsan was awarded the tender held in Beclean, Romania for electric minibuses. Having secured the tender for 10 electric minibuses recently held in Suceava, Romania, Karsan signed the contract for the delivery for 8 units of Jest Electric vehicles which will provide service in Beclean. Karsan will deliver the Jest Electric vehicles by the end of the year as a result of the tender it was awarded while continuing to increase its power in the Romanian market where it has been operating since 2013.

Offering modern solutions in public transportation systems that can be adapted to any geography, Karsan completely maintains its place as a go-to brand in Romania. Karsan recently signed a contract for the delivery of 10 Jest Electric vehicles to Suceava, and it also won the tender for electric minibuses held in Beclean, which is another city of Romania. Within the tender which was secured via its regional representative, AAR (Anadolu Automobil Rom), Karsan will deliver 8 Jest Electric vehicles by the end of the year to provide service for the city. Deputy General Manager of Karsan Commercial Affairs Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu made statements about the subject and stated the following:“Within the scope of our efforts to increase our share in the Romanian market, we consistently continue to receive orders from different cities of the country and secure public transport tenders. Within a short amount of time after we won the tender for 10 vehicles in Suceava, we also won the tender in Beclean and increased our share in the Romanian electric vehicle market. Karsan’s cutting-edge technology, environment-friendly vehicle Jest Electric and the satisfaction from the service provided under Karsan guarantee play a significant role in this success”.

High performing and environment-friendly Jest Electric

A proven performer which comes with high maneuverability and superior passenger comfort, Jest Electric is equipped with a BMW electric motor capable of 170 HP power and 290 Nm torque with optional 44 or 88 kWh batteries, again manufactured by BMW. Offering the best performance in the 6-meter bus class with a range of up to 210 km, small city bus Jest Electric also boasts a regenerative braking system which provides energy recovery by enabling the batteries to self-recharge at a rate of 25%. Decorated with a 10.1-inch multimedia touchscreen, fully digital dashboard, keyless go, and USB ports as well as an optional WiFi compatible infrastructure, Jest Electric does not come short in terms of comfort compared to passenger cars thanks to its 4-wheel independent suspension system.


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