QUANTRON leverages alternative hydrogen pathways together with its Clean Transportation Alliance partners

Dr. Srinath Rengarajan, Head of Strategy Quantron AG and Andreas Haller, CEO & Founder, Quantron AG

Quantron AG, specialist in sustainable passenger and freight transportation, launched a new whitepaper titled, “Unlocking New Possibilities: Waste-to-Hydrogen as an Energy Source for Fuel Cell Vehicles”. This sheds light on how the technology complements current efforts to grow the hydrogen economy, its economic and environmental benefits, and its role in building local ecosystems. Further, the whitepaper also puts a spotlight on six selected partners from QUANTRON’s Clear Transportation Alliance who developed waste-to-hydrogen technologies and establish corresponding plants.

One such company is BtX Energy GmbH based in Hof, Bavaria. Among the early members of the Clean Transportation Alliance, BtX Energy recently achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first company in Europe to receive certification for hydrogen of biogenic origin that is eligible for GHG quota. “This certification underscores BtX Energy’s commitment to producing sustainable and environmentally friendly hydrogen. We are excited to partner with QUANTRON to deliver hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles like the QLI FCEV, the first such vehicle in the 7.5-ton segment, to customers in the region,” says BtX Managing Director Andy Gradel. Over the past few years, his team of experts has helped to shape the legal basis, set up the system technology, and successfully completed the REDcert-EU audit.

The whitepaper has been authored by Dr. Srinath Rengarajan who took over as the Head of Strategy at QUANTRON earlier this year. He says, “I am excited to contribute to strategy at QUANTRON as we continue our evolution from being an asset-light OEM into a leading platform provider of zero emission transportation solutions. One of those building blocks is the collaboration with waste-to-hydrogen partners like BtX Energy who are producing clean hydrogen from biogenic waste. QUANTRON will foster decentralized ecosystems that can harnesses the full potential of hydrogen, including its use in fuel cell vehicles.” By utilizing hydrogen produced from feedstock that is considered waste, these vehicles offer a clean and efficient solution for the transportation sector.

We are thrilled to be working with companies in the Clean Transportation Alliance. Partners like BtX Energy advance the adoption of hydrogen as a sustainable energy source for mobility,” added Andreas Haller, CEO, and Founder of QUANTRON. “Through our partnership, we aim to create ecosystems that not only reduce carbon emissions but also promote the use of renewable energies in the transportation sector from sources which were mainly untapped before.” By fostering intelligent collaborations and promoting sustainable solutions, QUANTRON continues to lead the way in shaping the future of clean and efficient transportation.


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