Norbert Kiss dominates Slovakia Ring with another perfect weekend

Goodyear FIA ETRC
Norbert Kiss has, once again, completed a grand slam this weekend, taking a clean sweep of pole positions and race wins at the Slovakia Ring

Norbert Kiss has, once again, completed a grand slam this weekend, taking a clean sweep of pole positions and race wins at the Slovakia Ring


As has become the textbook Kiss style, the Hungarian got a great start off the line and led the field away to retain the lead he would not give up before the chequered flag.

Jochen Hahn slotted in behind for a trouble-free drive to second, whilst Sascha Lenz added more points to his championship hopes, passing Antonio Albacete in the Titan standings with his third place.

Lenz and Albacete made quick work of André Kursim, passing the German as they swooped through Turn 1. The battle for P3 became neck and neck in the closing stages of the race, as both Albacete and Kursim looked to be trying to find a way past Lenz.

The podium finisher defended hard but fair as he crossed the line with only six-tenths separating the trio.


Mark Taylor held the lead of the race well starting on reverse grid pole for Race 4. Defending from Steffi Halm into Turn 1, he set about trying to build some space between him and the chasing pack behind. 

Kiss had already began his charge, making up three positions into the first corner. Antonio Albacete could do nothing to hold the Hungarian back, allowing him to move to P4 by the end of the first lap. 

Sascha Lenz was next to try and defend from Kiss, but the already three-time winner this weekend was determined to get back to the front. He dispatched of Lenz, José Eduardo Rodrigues and Halm simply, hitting his first blockage when he came up on Taylor’s rear bumper. 

Some stellar defence from the Brit had the Hungarian thinking, and with four laps to go, it looked possible that Taylor could hold him off. Even if Taylor had stayed ahead, Kiss would have still taken Titan victory, as the Brit is a Chrome driver. However the on track win is always hard fought over and Kiss wasn’t going to hold back.

Similarly to how Kiss passed Halm in Race 2, the Hungarian optimised the inside line going through T11/12 to get the run on Taylor. Braking hard to avoid contact, Taylor lost any momentum to fight back and dropped to second. Kiss continued to take his fourth class win of the weekend, making it his second grand slam in a row this season.

Behind, Halm saw an opportunity as well to pass Taylor, looking to pull off the same move as Kiss had. She lined it up well, getting the inside line on the Chrome driver, but unexpectedly Rodrigues tried to take Taylor in the same corner, using the outside.

The pair sandwiched Taylor, causing a rear flat tyre that would see him drop down the grid and out of contention for the class win. Rodrigues went on to take Chrome victory, similar to Kiss taking a grand slam with all poles and wins in his class this weekend. 

After the incident, Halm was passed by Lenz but managed to get the position back before the chequered flag. They completed the Titan podium ahead of Albacete, Jochen Hahn and André Kursim. 

Norbert Kiss
Norbert Kiss dominates Slovakia Ring


Converting his hard-fought pole position to race victory, Norbert Kiss added another 20 points to his 2024 Goodyear FIA ETRC title campaign. Holding his pole advantage on Jochen Hahn off the line, Kiss proceeded to have a flawless race, coming across the line seven seconds ahead of his German rival.

The grid spread during the eight laps around the Slovakia Ring, giving third place to Antonio Albacete who managed Sacha Lenz’ attack during the first couple of laps. After that, the length of the lap worked to Lenz’ disadvantage, not allowing for another chance to reel in the Spaniard and make a late challenge for the podium.


Steffen Faas was the man to lead the grid over the line for the second time today, but a suspect missed gear saw him dropping back into the pack, allowing Steffi Halm and Rodrigues to take first and second as the trucks dipped into the first corner. 

Kiss began his charge through the grid, having started P8, and made it to P4 ahead of Faas by the end of the second lap. Sascha Lenz had also taken advantage of Faas’ bad start, getting past his fellow patriot to third and was chasing down the leading pair. 

His attention fell behind as Kiss made it to his rear bumper, but there was very little Lenz could do to stop the flying Hungarian passing him. He stuck with the reigning champion, however, using his tow to help get him in a position to attack the front. 

Halm managed to hold the attack off for a few laps, but once Kiss was just over a tenth behind her, the move felt inevitable. Kiss made it look easy, passing Halm on the inside and making the move stick as she tried to retake the place, taking himself to his second win of the weekend. 

Lenz was unable to pass Halm, leaving her second and him third on the Titan podium.


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