New Holland joins CNH INDUSTRIAL REMAN on the occasion of REMAN Day to celebrate sustainability for the new generations

On April 13th remanufacturers around the world celebrated their commitment to sustainability and circular economy on REMAN Day. On this day New Holland joins CNH Industrial REMAN in the launch of the new joint visual identity for the European market. New Holland and REMAN consolidate the partnership with TREEDOM with the creation of a New Holland Forest.

New Holland joins CNH Industrial REMAN brand celebrating REMAN Day, the day where remanufacturing industries around the world promote the important part they play in circular economy, demonstrating the innovative ways in which they advance remanufacturing and substantiating the positive environmental impact of this global industry.

On the occasion of the celebration, REMAN and New Holland present the new joint visual identity focused on the values of sustainability, efficiency, reliability and convenience. The chosen claim is “The Choice for the next Generation”, representing the strong commitment that both REMAN and New Holland have on sustainability for the future of the brands.

The new visual identity plays with shades of blue and features a dynamic icon with a hand holding a wrench that morphs into a leaf on one of the extremities. 

As the leader in sustainability in agriculture, New Holland has been working in close collaboration with CNH Industrial REMAN for several years, offering remanufactured parts with 2-year, unlimited hours warranty and reduced prices.

The brand is planning to reach zero waste from used parts by 2025, thanks to the availability of REMAN options: this represents a benefit for the whole industry, granting an advantage for customers and dealer and benefiting the environment.

The re-manufacturing of spent materials is key in a circular economy perspective and it’s perfectly in line with New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader strategy.

On this day New Holland and REMAN also consolidate the partnership with Treedom, the Italian online e-commerce company that allows anyone to purchase and plant trees around the world, monitoring their growth remotely and helping to reduce the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere.

CNH Industrial REMAN’s forest, created with the purpose of sensibilizing the theme of the cores return with the claim “You Return, we Plant”, will be incorporated within New Holland’s Treedom forest, with the addition of new trees purchased in Italy – oaks in Tuscany, olive trees in Puglia and grapevines in Campania, on land confiscated to mafia criminal organizations.

Mattia Manicardi, Head of New Holland Agriculture Brand Marketing said: “New Holland has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and our Remanufacturing offers are a very important opportunity to reduce waste of materials and energy resources. We are planning to reach zero waste from used where a REMAN option is available. We are proud to celebrate this day with REMAN and highlight once again our Clean Energy Leader Strategy to create a better future for our planet.

Tommaso D’Alessandro, Senior Manager REMAN said: “We are often reminded how remanufacturing is a “win-win-win” game. It benefits dealers, it benefits customers, and it benefits the environment.  We are proud to be part of the REMAN family and celebrate this day, together with all the companies working in the remanufacturing industry around the globe.”


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