Navya joins the Autoware Foundation, major collaborative platform for autonomous driving systems

Navya, becomes a member of the Autoware Foundation, based in Japan and thus strengthens its technological leadership.
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Navya, a leading company in autonomous driving systems becomes a member of the Autoware Foundation, based in Japan and thus strengthens its technological leadership. 

Initiated in 2018 by Tier IV, Inc., Linaro 96Boards, and Apex.AI, Inc., the Autoware Foundation ( is an organization supporting and promoting open-source autonomous mobility projects. Autoware is one of the most influential international organizations within the autonomous driving ecosystem. Alongside renowned players such as Macnica, Hitachi, Intel, LG and Velodyne Lidar, Navya will contribute to the influence of the Autoware Foundation by making available some of its applications. In return, Navya will benefit from the open-source projects undertaken by the foundation, providing additional know-how on autonomous driving activities, but also on other key elements such as passenger safety, fleet supervision and environmental control before vehicle start-up. These synergies should promote the Company’s growth its integration into the global ecosystem of autonomous driving players and the recognition of its technological leadership. 

Shinpei Kato, President of the Autoware Foundation says: “We are excited about Navya’s participation in the Autoware Foundation. Navya is one of the most successful autonomous driving technology players in the world. We are convinced that their achievements and the experience they have gained through numerous deployments will bring Autoware to the front of this emerging market.” 

Etienne Hermite, Chief Executive Officer of Navya, concludes: “We are very delighted to join Autoware Foundation, which is a reference in the field of autonomous driving vehicles and software. We are proud to contribute to the improvement, development and democratization of autonomous and intelligent transport systems.” 


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