LTG buys first truck trailer at auction

Renault Trucks

The Langenlonsheimer Transport GmbH (LTG) auctioned off a KRONE Profi Liner in the new Brummi Edition with the highest bid of 26,500 euros. The proceeds from the auction serve as founding capital for the joint initiative of the Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung (BGL) and Krone to strengthen the image of the professional driver in public opinion.

This initiative is a matter close to Krone’s heart“, emphasized Dr. Frank Albers, Krone Managing Director Sales and Marketing at the annual general meeting of the BGL. “Hardly any end consumer thinks about how fresh food or other things of daily use actually get into supermarkets. That is simply impossible without the truck including driver. This is why we – and by this I mean the entire industry – must push this issue forward and communicate it sustainably to the end consumer. In the same context, the image of the driver in the public eye must be given a correspondingly positive connotation,Albers continued. This is the only way to ultimately inspire young people to become motorists.

The patron of the initiative, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer and BGL Managing Director Prof. Dr. Dirk Engelhardt, agreed hundred percent with these statements. “The issue of a lack of drivers is a dramatic one, and we are definitely lacking tens of thousands of junior employees. The fact that we currently have enormous difficulties in recruiting them has, of course, something to do with the image of the profession. That’s why we are tackling this issue holistically, because this is the only way we can sustainably counteract the impending traffic collapse.

In order to carry the subject further into the public eye, KRONE is also producing a special edition of 50 Krone Brummi Liner, which are now available at a special price.


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