Krone wins Trailer Innovation Award 2023

Krone has been awarded the Trailer Innovation Award in the "Chassis" category for the Box Liner eLTU 50 Traction Automatic

Krone has been awarded the Trailer Innovation Award in the “Chassis” category for the Box Liner eLTU 50 Traction Automatic. The international jury of 15 European trade magazines thus honoured the technology carrier, which will be presented for the first time at the IAA Transportation.

The key feature of the innovative Box Liner Automatic is the automated pre-settings option. The driver can conveniently initiate the setting of the container chassis for the container transported by pressing a button on the remote control from the truck cab. The Krone Box Liner eLTU 50 Automatic is the first multifunctional gooseneck chassis to feature automated operation at this level. It opens up a new dimension of user-friendliness, combined with improved process times in the terminal as well as in the depot. It also saves a considerable amount of time for each container lift operation, which in turn significantly lowers costs for the operator. For the port drayage, the efficiency is expected to increase by about ten percent. This makes it possible to replace six trailers with conventional container chassis with five trailers with the Box Liner Automatic.

Compared to the standard procedure, the new Box Liner Automatic technology from Krone represents a quantum leap. All of the previously required manual activities performed by the driver to adjust the container chassis are now a thing of the past. For the driver, this not only represents reduced physical strain, but also significant safety improvements.

Trailer Innovation Award for the Krone eTrailer

In the “Concept” category of Trailer Innovation 2023, the Krone eTrailer takes 2nd place. The Krone eTrailer reduces diesel consumption and CO2 emissions of the tractor unit by 20 to 40 percent.

The two award-winning innovations are part of Krone’s overall “Mission Beyond Zero” concept, a new generation of trailer transport solutions that combine digitalization, automation, sustainability and electrification to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of semitrailers.


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