Krone Box Liner eLTU 40 Light Traction

Krone is revolutionising the chassis market with its new Box Liner eLTU 40 Light Traction.

Due to the current economic upswing, worldwide container transports are experiencing an unprecedented boom phase. Innovative and universal container chassis are a must have. “In the demanding business of container trucking, every minute counts. Ideally, the chassis must be suitable for all containers, even the heavy ones from 20′ to 45′. With our Box Liner eLTU 40 Light Traction, our customers are ideally positioned in this demanding market“, says Krone product manager Ulrich Josefowitsch. The new Box Liner, which was launched at the beginning of 2021, impresses with a tare weight of only 4.2 t – putting it in the top group of lightweights in this class. This was achieved by using high-strength S700 fine-grain steel and a frame optimised with the help of the finite element method (FEM). Krone did not compromise on robustness, which has been verified over many months in tough test cycles. 

The Krone Box Liner eLTU 40 Light Traction is designed as an all-rounder that can be quickly and easily converted to transport one or two 20′ boxes, a 40′ or a 45′ container. Due to the short wheelbase of 7,470 mm, even heavy containers can be transported with a two-axle tractor in accordance with regulations without overloading the drive axle. In countries with higher permissible gross weights, even 34 t 40′ or 45′ containers can be transported. In combined transport with 27 t aggregate load of the trailer, the rear-flush 20′ container may weigh almost 28 t; with more than 5 t fifth wheel load and with 24 t aggregate load, 24.5 t can be legally transported. Optionally, the Box Liner eLTU 40 can also be equipped for the transport of 20′ containers in the middle – including tank containers – as well as 30′ containers. 

With the Box Liner eLTU 40 Light Traction, Krone is also revolutionising the chassis market because it offers a unique alternative to chassis featuring a middle extension, which have often been used up to now because of the better fifth wheel load with rear-flush 20′ containers. The highlight of the new Box Liner is the patented traction rear: as a result, rear-flush containers stand further forward compared to all other chassis, the distance from the centre of the rear latch to the centre of the last axle is only 565 mm. This results in a significantly higher fifth-wheel load, improved traction and more driving safety. Measurements show that the percentage drive axle load with 20′ flush rear is approximately the same as that of chassis with middle extension. 

With the optional use of a front extension (Box Liner eLTU45) and an approx. 2.6 m long rear extension (with a wheelbase of 7,470 mm), 45′ containers with a long tunnel can also be transported in compliance with the law. Due to the short wheelbase, the risk of overloading the drive axle with heavy 45′ containers is significantly lower than with the usual 45′ chassis with approximately 8 m wheelbase. The 45′ container can also be positioned in the port forwards and backwards with the newly permitted B dimension of 12,150 mm, so that there is a little more space between the tractor unit and the trailer for the cables; in addition, the 45′ container can also have straight corners. 

The tail lights of the chassis are recessed in the sturdy rear beam and thus protected against damage in the tough day-to-day ramp work. Another plus point: since the basic version has no loose parts, nothing can get lost during the journey. Another practical innovation is the long-life air motor in a saltwater-proof housing, which drives the rear extension absolutely smoothly. Krone thus offers a clever alternative to the air cylinder. 

Conclusion: Thanks to its flexible use, the Box Liner eLTU 40 Light Traction is a real alternative to the standard chassis with a middle extension. In addition, the lightweight design enables fuel savings of approximately 0.5 l/100 km compared to classic 5 t chassis. With an average annual mileage, this quickly amounts to more than 700 euros per year. 


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