Kögel Rent: trailer rental service launches in Germany, BeNeLux and Spain

Kögel Rent – for full flexibility

Kögel Rent is trailer specialist Kögel’s answer to the complex requirements of the trailer and semi-trailer market. Economic uncertainty makes many companies think twice about investing large amounts in their own vehicle fleet. With its new renting model, Kögel is offering all its customers full flexibility and minimising the risk associated with the total cost of ownership.

Growing numbers of forwarding and logistics companies are taking advantage of the rental option to adapt their own fleet to their current order situations. Individual contract terms can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the customer in question, giving logistics experts greater planning security and leeway with respect to managing their day-to-day business.

With Kögel Rent, we’re providing a range of products to meet the market’s growing demands. We are offering our customers custom-made solutions for their complex transport tasks, plus maximum efficiency and economic viability in using company resources,” explained Thomas Gregor, Head of Kögel’s European Rental Vehicle Business.

A huge selection of customised transport solutions to meet every need

In line with Kögel’s guiding principle “Economy meets Ecology – Because we care”, the product portfolio in the rental fleet segment meets all industry-specific requirements and combines economic viability and sustainability to offer customers the maximum range of profitable transport solutions. Whether you opt for Kögel Cargo, Kögel Box or Kögel Cool, the trailers impress with their high payload, maximum stability and durability. By making use of the Swap, Combi and Port demountable systems, companies are relying on a strong backbone in combined transport. Kögel is also offering its Kögel tipper trailer, which has been put through terrific testing, in its Rent portfolio. The Kögel tipper trailer shines bright with its design finesse, is suitable for all types of bulk material and offers both safe and convenient operation.

Whether they use our trailer solutions for the construction sector or the forwarding industry, everyone will find what they’re looking for at Kögel Rent,” affirmed Mr Gregor, before going on to add: “My expert team and I are waiting in the starting blocks and look forward to offering customers added value in both a financial and a business sense with Kögel Rent.

Total transparency in all processes

Kögel attaches the utmost importance to straightforward and transparent processes – both during the initial handover and when a customer is returning a rental trailer. To guarantee this, Kögel uses a digital delivery report that includes extensive photographic documentation for assessing the rental vehicle’s condition. So customers and Kögel alike can always transparently compare trailer conditions with current images. This prevents potential disagreements and helps with precise calculation during the trailer return process. This transparency ultimately translates into a totally fair business relationship, which is an important cornerstone of Kögel’s “Because we care” corporate philosophy.


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