Innovative technologies for the transport sector

A strong alliance: Together with Haldex, SAF-HOLLAND is driving the develop-ment of modern axle and suspension systems as well as electronic brake systems.

Well prepared for the challenges of the future transport industry: For the first time, SAF-HOLLAND presented itself on the French market at a joint booth together with Haldex. The main attractions at SOLUTRANS were the intelligent tyre pressure monitoring systems and the SAF TRAKr electric regenerative braking axle.

The energy transition was at the centre of this year’s SOLUTRANS – the trade fair for haulage and urban transport. It was evident at the industry exhibition that SAF-HOLLAND has also been supporting this development for some time: “The transport industry is becoming increasingly aware of its ecological responsibility. We therefore focus on developing products where road safety and sustainability go hand in hand. Examples of these are our fuel saving tyre pressure monitoring system and our emissions reducing SAF TRAKr trailer axle,” explains Jean Baghdad, Managing Director at SAF-HOLLAND France. He consequently sees the success of the trade fair reflected not only in the many new contacts and successfully completed business deals: “I am pleased to see that our products are stimulators for creating a more sustainable future and we are working on reducing carbon emissions together with our customers,” says Baghdad. “The lively exchanges at trade fairs often generate new ideas, reveal synergies and create a shift in thinking in the industry and for the customers.

SAF-HOLLAND’s answer to the EU Regu-lation on tyre pressure monitoring: The SAF TIRE PILOT I.Q. monitors the tyre pressure continuously and corrects it in case of deviations.

SAF-HOLLAND and Haldex in close alliance

Together with Haldex, SAF-HOLLAND is driving the development of modern axle and suspension systems as well as electronic brake systems. Since the acquisition of the Swedish brake system manufacturer, the companies have been working on solutions for connectivity, electrification, and autonomous driving. The visitors at the joint trade fair booth were able to see how well these subjects complement each other. The merger also underlines the role of SAF-HOLLAND as a global system supplier with integrated solutions from a single source.

Less fuel consumption with tyre pressure monitoring

When it came to products, the tyre pressure monitoring systems from SAF-HOLLAND and Haldex attracted great interest. The solutions for tyre pressure monitoring improve road safety, have a positive impact on the service life of the tyres and reduce fuel consumption. An EU Commission Directive is making tyre pressure monitoring systems mandatory for all new trailers registered from 2024 onwards.

Two different systems are available to meet the different requirements. The tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) from Haldex monitors pressure and temperature and warns the driver in the event of any deviations. The digital SAF TIRE PILOT i.Q. goes one step further: It continuously monitors the tyre pressure, informs the driver on a monitoring display and automatically tops up the air when the pressure falls below the defined minimum value.

The SAF TRAKr electric trailer axle from SAF-HOLLAND uses regenerative braking and lowers the fuel consumption of the overall vehicle.

Lowering emissions with regenerative braking

The SAF TRAKr electrified regenerative braking axle was the centre of attention at the booth. “With our electric axle, we are supporting new traffic solutions and driving e-mobility,” says Baghdad. The high-voltage generator unit of the axle converts the kinetic energy of the trailer into electrical energy. This can supply other electronic units such as refrigeration units, fans, etc., lowering fuel consumption and reducing the emissions of the overall vehicle.


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