Dakar-2019: Tacna – Arequipa Stage

Airat Mardeev
Renault Trucks

The next morning after the marathon bivouac in Tacna (where, according to the regulations, team mechanics were not allowed for providing technical assistance to the race crews), the sportsmen awaited their return journey to Arequipa and the 452-kilometer special section divided by a 66-kilometer neutralization zone.

Andrey Karginov

A mixed start of cars and trucks was organized, and for spectacularity the organizers also arranged mass start, when the vehicles started the special in pairs: a jeep with a jeep, a truck with a truck.

5th stage of the rally Dakar-2019

The stage mostly passed along the channels of dry rivers, and even if it got onto the local unobtrusive paths, it confused the navigators rather than helped.

Eduard Nikolaev

Bad luck continues to pursue Airat Mardeev’s crew. At 160 km his truck stopped due to problems in the engine air intake system. It took them about an hour to fix the breakdown.

Already after the start, due to heavy fog, the part of today’s stage, that followed the neutralization zone, was canceled. These final 136 kilometers were passed by our crews of E. Nikolaev, D. Sotnikov and A. Karginov. The crew of A. Mardeev and most of the contestants in the truck and car categories did not go to the final part of the stage. The results of the day were determined by the time defined at CP3. According to the results after 5 stages of the race, crews of KAMAZ-master Team occupy the first three lines in the general classification.

Airat Mardeev

Truck Category. Classification of Stage 5.

1500NIKOLAEV EDUARDKAMAZ05:53:3300:00:00
2514SOTNIKOV DMITRYKAMAZ05:56:4800:03:15
3501VIAZOVICH SIARHEIMAZ05:59:5500:06:22
4518KARGINOV ANDREYKAMAZ06:05:2000:11:47
5509VAN GENUGTEN TONIVECO06:07:3600:14:03
6503DE ROOY GERARDIVECO06:09:0600:15:33
7513VAN DEN HEUVEL MAURIKIVECO06:10:0000:16:27
8507LOPRAIS ALESTATRA06:12:1500:18:42
9511VISHNEUSKI ALIAKSEIMAZ06:23:3800:30:05

Truck Category. General Classification after Stage 5.

1500NIKOLAEV EDUARDKAMAZ19:45:3700:00:00
2514SOTNIKOV DMITRYKAMAZ19:57:3100:11:54
3518KARGINOV ANDREYKAMAZ20:02:2200:16:45
4503DE ROOY GERARDIVECO21:44:2601:58:49
5509VAN GENUGTEN TONIVECO22:01:0002:15:23
6507LOPRAIS ALESTATRA22:44:3502:58:58
7511VISHNEUSKI ALIAKSEIMAZ22:57:4603:12:09
8513VAN DEN HEUVEL MAURIKIVECO24:06:1104:20:34
9501VIAZOVICH SIARHEIMAZ25:22:2005:36:43


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