Blue River Bucuresti opts for 30 new Kögel LightPlus trailers

Blue River Bucuresti 78 SRL has added 30 new Kögel Lightplus to its fleet of 180 trailers.
Renault Trucks

The international transport and logistics company Blue River Bucuresti 78 SRL, based in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, has added 30 new Kögel Lightplus to its fleet of 180 trailers. A deciding factor was the low tare weight and high payload of the Kögel Lightplus, which optimally combines economy and ecology.

With the Kögel Lightplus, the trailer manufacturer from Burtenbach has created a modern, future-proof platform for international goods transport that not only enables fewer trips for a given annual tonnage, but also has a reduced ecological footprint. Reducing the number of trips and emissions of CO2 and other pollutants fulfils Kögel’s motto: “Economy meets Ecology – Because we care”.

The robust, durable trailer is set apart by its payload and weight-optimised frame and body from the Novum generation. The technical manager Marian Paun and the managing director of Blue River Bucuresti, Alex Paun, who placed their trust in Kögel and its authorized dealer in Romania, the Hochstaffl company, were thoroughly impressed: “The general trend on the transport market is moving towards sustainable vehicles and logistics processes, electric vehicles and lightweight engineering,” remarks Mr. Alex Paun, CEO at Blue River Bucuresti 78 SRL. “That’s why we opted for the Kögel Lightplus a Strong & Go tarpaulin. The extremely low tare weight of the trailer, the reinforced body without side lattices, which is certified for beverage transport, and the short delivery time were the deciding factors for our purchase from Kögel”. Another plus was the optional Strong & Go body of the trailers, which will primarily be used to transport beverages. It conforms to DIN EN 12642 Code XL. The body stability also conforms to the requirements of the Daimler Guideline 9.5 without the use of lattices. For beverage transport with single and double-layer beverage crates on standard pallets, the Strong & Go body only requires a single row of lattices at the height of the first crate. This means that Kögel not only complies with the requirements of the sector for shorter loading times, but that it also grants drivers faster, simpler and safer handling during loading and unloading.


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