Applus+ IDIADA manages a state-of-the-art Powertrain Laboratory in Itatiaia, Brazil

The facility can conduct both current and future tailpipe and evaporative emission testing and homologation for flex-fuel, gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles.

Applus+ IDIADA has been appointed by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to operate their vehicle emission laboratory and to make it available to all the automotive industry. The facility, located in Itatiaia, in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, is ready for flex-fuel, gasoline and diesel vehicle emission testing and homologation.

It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies to undertake new development projects, including vehicle emission testing and homologation programs complying with present and future regulations (Brazilian emissions according to Proconve L6 and L7 and European emissions regulations).

Test Cell at Itatiaia’s Powertrain Laboratory

The laboratory is composed of an Exhaust Emission Test Cell capable of performing exhaust gas analysis, particulate matter and particle number measurement, as well as a Fuel System Facility containing a Variable Volume and Temperature Sealed Housing for Evaporative Emission Determination (VV/VT SHED). Moreover, specific electric measurement devices allow testing of hybrid and electric vehicle configurations.

The IDIADA-managed facilities are the only laboratory in Brazil currently capable of providing support on L7 regulation projects involving Onboard Refuelling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) requirements.

The services offered in the facility comply with IATF 16949 (ISO 9001) quality management certification, as well as with ISO 14001 requirements for sustainable environmental management. Itatiaia laboratory is also CETESB-certified to perform Brazilian tailpipe and evaporative emission testing.

In addition, testing and homologation of energy consumption and range for electric vehicles is also possible.

IDIADA Brazil: 10 years supporting the Brazilian automotive industry

This year IDIADA Brazil is commemorating its 10th anniversary with offices in São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo), Betim (Minas Gerais), Resende and now counting on a new facility in Itatiaia (Rio de Janeiro).

Our deep understanding of the Brazilian and South American markets has been significant to provide the best solutions at competitive rates for local and global partners throughout these years.

The coming powertrain challenges for the Brazilian automotive industry will from now on be better covered with the presence of IDIADA, running JLR’s facilities to support both local and international projects.


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