IVECO Live Channel wins two awards at the 2021 edition of the Best Event Awards in Italy

IVECO Live Channel won first prize in the B2B Event category of the Best Event Awards 2021, Italy’s first award dedicated to the Events and Live Communication sector.

IVECO Live Channel won first prize in the B2B Event category of the Best Event Awards 2021, Italy’s first award dedicated to the Events and Live Communication sector.

IVECO’s broadcasting platform also won the second place in the Proprietary Format category.

The IVECO Live Channel digital broadcasting platform was developed to maintain and strengthen the brand’s relationship with its stakeholders through virtual events, on demand contents and training workshops.

The IVECO Live Channel [] broadcasting platform was recognised with the first place in the B2B Event category for the events specially produced for and hosted on the channel, and the  second place in the Proprietary Format in the 2021 edition of the Best Events Awards organised by Italian publishing group ADC Group, which specialises in online and print editorial products for advertising, marketing, media and events operators. The project, realised in collaboration with production company Filmmaster Events and the streaming platform created by the technological partner System Management S.p.A., was selected as the best by a jury panel of representatives of international companies and professional associations.

Maria Laura Iascone, IVECO Brand Marketing Manager, commented: We have been living through a time of radical transformation, with the pandemic driving people and businesses into the virtual world. At IVECO we saw this as a unique opportunity to transform the way we develop our relationship with our customers, our industry, vehicle enthusiasts and the general public. IVECO Live Channel has enabled us to adopt a unique approach to our launches and training sessions, leveraging the possibilities of this digital platform to create compelling events and highly engaging content. Since we launched it a year ago, it has attracted a wide audience, becoming a popular virtual destination for the world of transport.

IVECO Live Channel is a proprietary digital broadcasting platform dedicated to the brand’s community and the world of transport. It is structured as a web channel, and was created to engage, inform, entertain and interact with IVECO’s stakeholders with a broadcast schedule and editorial plan that is continuously renewed. It provides a versatile platform that has enabled the brand to hold successful training and launch events throughout the year, creating different, innovative formats to maximise the participant’s involvement and interest.

The events recognised with the award include the two-day global training event for IVECO’s salesforce, “Ready.Mission.Go!”, which was filmed in a film set housed in the CNH Industrial Village in Turin; the launch of the IVECO T-WAY off-road heavy-duty truck through a docufilm shot on location both indoors and outdoors; and the 60-minute live virtual  launch event for the New DAILY and IVECO S-WAY. The latter was filmed on a TV set with a double stage that enabled the creation of outdoor settings settings – the busy square of a large metropolis for the DAILY and a road setting for the IVECO S-WAY – where the new vehicles were shown going about their daily business, illustrating the innovations presented by the speakers.

The channel is constantly updated with a wide choice of on-demand content relating to all aspects of the brand’s activities, historical videos, docufilms and interviews. IVECO Live Channel provides the brand with an ecosystem full of potential where IVECO can interact and strengthen its relationship with the transport community in new and innovative ways.


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